Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day-cation to Charlottesville

Last weekend we decided to take a little trip to Charlottesville since we'd never been there. First things first, topping off Crew (who can't seem to get full... EVER!).

Which explains why he is already this big!

I love these little Van shoes!

Then we walked the downtown strip, threw some leaves in this fountain, found a really fun kid's toy store, and got some yummy pizza.
Then we were off to "find our next adventure". Camden loves to say "we're off for an adventure", but when I made the mistake of saying it back to him when we climbed in the car we spent the next 15 minutes having this conversation...
Cam: "Where is the adventure mommy?"
Me: "I don't know yet, we have to go find it."
Cam: "Where mommy?"
Me: "We don't know where yet. That's part of the adventure. We are going to go do something fun that we've never done before."
Cam: "So where is the adventure?!"
Literally after 10 minutes of this repeated cycle of questioning and every answer I could come up with, I asked Justin if he wanted to have a go at it. He tried for another 5 minutes. We couldn't convince Camden no matter how many times we tried to explain what an adventure was, that it wasn't a lost object we were trying to locate.

Next up, the UVA campus. There happened to be a football game going on so we stopped and watched from the fence. I don't know what Camden liked better, watching the game or dancing to the music between plays.
The last stop was to go see Thomas Jefferson's home (Monticello) but we were a little late getting there to do a tour. Instead we turned off on a road that said apple orchard thinking we might find some yummy apple cider. We found Carter Mountain. It is an apple orchard at the very top of a mountain that has an incredible 360 degree view of Charlottesville. We got there just as the sun was setting. Not only did we leave with some delicious apple cider, and big red apples, we also got apple cider doughnuts! Yum!
On the way home Camden kept saying, "thank you for the adventure". I think he got it.


Jessica F. said...

Super fun. That would also explain why you are so TINY. Hello, I swear you just had a baby. You look fantastic. Crew is darling and Big C is such a cute big brother.
Darling fam.

Katherine Fajen said...

Sounds like a perfect adventure!!

Arianne Pearce said...

That was probably my favorite post ever. I seriously can hear the inflection in his voice in that conversation. What a fun family day together!!

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

Haha, way too cute! Camden sounds adorable. You have such a beautiful family! Wish we could have an adventure with you sometime! :) It's beet way too long!

CRAIGERS said...

And Jonesie was no seen??!!