Monday, September 20, 2010

A Black Tie Event

Like most girls, I love getting dressed up. So when Justin told me we were going to a black tie event for his work I was thrilled. It was so fun to meet some of the people that he has told me about and to see him in action. It's funny how two complete opposites can be married. Justin loves to walk into a room and make connections. I on the other hand get intimidated and want to stand in a corner and people watch. I'm so glad I'm married to someone that makes me branch out.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bahamas WE MISS YOU!

Justin and I left the little man at home and went on a cruise just the two of us to the Bahamas. It felt like a second honeymoon. No chasing after a chubby toddler, pulling his hands out of the toilet for the 5th time that day, picking up the food that he chucks on the floor, or changing horrific diapers. In a word... paradise. Don't get me wrong, we missed our Camden dearly. I think my mom must have been rolling her eyes when we called no less then ten times the first day to see what he was doing now, or now, or what about now?! But in the end I'm so glad we went. We stopped at the Florida KeysCoco CayAnd Atlantis!!! This was our favorite day. It was the coolest water park I've ever been to. We turned into little kids running all over the park doing every water slide multiple times. The one in the picture above is a steep drop that then takes you in a tube through a shark tank. It was so cool to see the sharks swiming all around you as you go through.
The ship had rock climbing! So fun to climb to the top and look out to see ocean all around you. The water was the most beautiful crystal turquoise! I was amazed when we went snorkeling at how clear it was. We got to see a plane and shipwreck. It was a little creepy to dive down into the cockpit. Oh yes, and we also saw jelly fish! Lots of jelly fish!! By some miracle neither one of us got stung. This was Justin on our last day. Needless to say we were both a little bummed it was all over- swimming in the warm blue ocean, white sand beaches, entertaining shows, eating all the ice cream you can handle, dancing till 2am, falling asleep in the sun. Our trip had come to an end.But when we came out of the airport and saw this little boy waiting for us, I think Justin and I couldn't stop smiling all afternoon. And luckily neither could he.