Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cherry Blossoms

We got lucky a really great photographer, Andrea Hatch from our ward, asked us to help her out with some new advertisements for her photography business. She wanted to take pictures of us at the Tidal Basin with the Cherry Blossoms. So not only did we get to walk around the beautiful Cherry Blossoms, we also got some great pictures by an incredible photographer. Check out this link if you want to see the pictures. http://www.andreamariephoto.blogspot.com/

Disclaimer: Yes, we are still married! Justin's ring was photoshopped out because the photos are being used for engagement picture advertising.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

St. Petersburg

Alright, we are way behind on posting! We took this trip about a month ago. Justin had a business trip in Florida so of course I had to jump on the chance to go somewhere warmer, and of course not wanting to be away from each other had something to do with it. It was so great to take a break from work. I LOVE staying in hotels! I don't know why, I always have. It's like magic when you go out during the day and come back to a clean room! At night we went out and walked around the town. There is a really fun night life there with live music and cool restaurants.
Justin... apparently emulating good old Columbus.
Our hotel was so beautiful! Anyone who knows what Casa Bonita (my favorite restaurant in Colorado) looks like, it kind of had that old Mexico feel.