Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This is part two of "I swear my husband must sneak into our son's room at night to whisper subliminal messages such as 'YOU LOVE GOLF' because really this kid loves golf." He has his very own little set of golfclubs, courtesy of his Grandpa Neumann. "Gulcub," as Camden calls them, was one of his first words.
He loved driving the golf cart just as much as running around on the course...maybe even more.

For the sake of a fun comparison picture....
This is Camden at 3 weeks on his first golf outing.
This is him on the same hole at 15 months. Just a slight change:)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Kiss

Your first kiss is something to be remembered. I remember the ugly blue carpet under the library stairs and the way all the girls giggled when Beau (who, now that I think back on it was a VERY confident little 4th grader) walked up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and planted one on my lips the second I turned around. Yes, something to be remembered that is unless your first kiss happens when your 15 months!!!
We shuffled into the last row at church on Sunday and sat next to our really good FRIENDS who just moved out to DC from California. Jake and Lynn have an absolutely adorable 2 year old girl Annabelle. Right when we sat down Camden leaned across Justin to get a better look at this little cutie, sitting between Justin and her dad Jake. After a few times of leaning forward to see her and saying "HI", Camden got down from the pew and made his way down to where she was sitting. He starred at her for a minute and then leaned in on tip toe with his lips puckered making a loud "mmmmmmm" sound. He went 90, she went 10. First kiss.
I should mention here that getting Camden to snuggle much less give us, you know, HIS OWN PARENTS a kiss is very far and few between. And yet, after that first kiss he now tries to smooch any little girl within a ten foot radius- whether that be at the grocery store, play groups, or the mall. We are in big trouble with this kid!