Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Too late?

The answer to this is YES! It is a little late for Holiday pictures, after all it's half way into January. Oh well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years... DC style this year!Camden came down Christmas morning yelling "SANTA ho ho ho". The first thing he did was run to his Santa stocking and give it a big kiss. Second thing he did was grab his new skate board.I had to put it back up for the picture. Am I a crazy mom for getting my 19 month old a skate board?! The answer to that is probably yes as well. He loves it though! It cracks me up to hear his little tough guy sound effects when he stands on it.Camden was such a fun age this year for Christmas. Camden thinks this is his football helmet. Every time he puts it on he runs around yelling "touchdown" and "football". The boy loves fire trucks but apparently hasn't seen too many fire men! We spent New Years in Georgetown for dinner and walking around. Then we carried on the usual Searle new years eve fondue tradition at our house, but this time with the Neumanns.
Happy (albeit very late) New Years everyone!