Friday, July 29, 2011

Belly Shots

I wish I was one of those girls that remembered to take a weekly picture of my bump but I really didn't take very many pictures throughout this whole pregnancy. Luckily one of my best friends happens to be an amazing photographer and she snapped a few of me along the way. Then last weekend Camden, Justin and I went to Old Town Alexandria and Justin snapped a few pictures. Turns out my husband is a pretty good photographer too! The top three pictures are ones that he took and the others are from Alia Cardwell.

This pregnancy has been much smoother then Camden's. Not a single trip to the ER! (I'm knocking on wood as I'm writing this) I did however find out at my last appointment several weeks ago that I'm already 50% effaced. They sent me over to the hospital to get a more accurate measurement. My doctor warned me that if my cervix was 3cm or less that I would be on bed rest. If I measured below 2cm I wouldn't be allowed to leave the hospital. Ehhh! Well I was at 3.1!!! I was put on moderate bed rest since I was borderline. Since I'm not much of a home body, to say the least, I've been going a little stir crazy. Thank you to all the friends that have been playing at our house helping Camden and me stay sane. I have my next appointment this Wednesday to find what I'm measuring. Keeping my fingers crossed that I've stayed the same and haven't progressed!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You still make me laugh!

This is a mushy post... proceed with caution or don't read at all if this stuff makes you gag! Four years ago I made the most important and best decision I ever have or will make. My best friend asked me to marry him and I said YES!!! (That is after he asked me twice because I was too shocked to answer the first time. But that's a whole other post about how he tricked me into thinking he was having cold feet before he proposed for the shock effect- who does that?!) Since this is a journal I thought I write the quick version of how we met/ got married.
Justin likes to tell the version that he had to wait for me to stop dating all his friends so he could have his chance. Luckily I'm writing this so let me give the true version. I first met Justin at a party my room mates and I had in college. In walks this tall, hot guy that come to find out, one of my room mates was interested in. Due to the "girl rule" when I found that out, he was automatically put in the friend zone. Well his dating realationship with my room mate was short lived but his friends and mine continued to hang out and we became good friends. Over the next few years Justin and I were sounding boards for each other when it came to the opposite sex. We gave each other advice on dating and helped each other through both the good and bad times. After graduating college I left to live in Ecuador for a few months and we talked on the phone just about every day. I missed my best friend and couldn't wait to see him. When I got back he was dating a girl that I really liked and thought was a great match for him. I told him if he didn't marry her he was an idiot. (Hmmm, guess I was the idiot for giving that advice). They broke up and I had just stopped dating someone too. My best friend was dating his room mate so we all decided to go to dinner and hang out one night. It wasn't weird or out of the ordinary for Justin and I to go to dinner because best friends do that stuff right? We went to Happy Sumo and then went back to the boy's apartment to watch the movie Click. After the movie was over Justin's room mate was taking my friend home so I hopped up to go with them and basically high fived Justin goodbye. Justin told me to stay and he would take me home later. Confused I said that made no sense because his friend was driving to our place anyway so I would just go with them so Justin wouldn't have to drive there too. This time he laughed at me and told me to just sit down. Our friends left and about 30 seconds later with no words exchanged we kissed. Justin would throw in here that I "pounced him". He loves to make me blush, which doesn't take much. But again, since I'm the one writing this, the TRUTH is HE kissed ME. Looking back now it sounds really silly/dumb but from that first kiss we both knew we were going to get married. We had seen each other in every situation and knew all the things about each other that you usually try to hide from someone you like for at least the first few months while you put on your good front. Everyone always asks us, and honsetly we've both asked each other why in the world it took us so long to figure out that we wanted to be more than friends. I don't really know that answer except to say that I'm so glad it did because we were able to get to know each other and become best friends in a way that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.
I still can't believe that he's mine! Four years of marriage later, here we are with a crazy two year old and another boy on the way. There are days when Camden's food has miraculously made it across the room, our house is a disaster, there are a million things to do, and one or both of us is at our breaking point and then we look at each other or Justin says something stupid (the more likely scenario) and it makes us both bust up laughing. He really is the most good hearted, funny and charismatic person I've ever met. He keeps me laughing every day.
We celebrated this year at the Melting Pot. YUM! It was a perfect night.

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