Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OH BOY... another boy!

We had a sonogram at 13 weeks and it was pretty clear that another boy was on the way. Since it was so early in the pregnancy we had our 20 week sonogram on Monday just to make sure. Yep, still a boy! We are so dang excited!!!!! I can't wait to have two boys running around causing havoc together. Camden will be happy to have a partner in crime.
Funny how documenting goes out the window with the second pregnancy. These are the only belly shots we've taken and I'm half way through the pregnancy. I look about the same in both pictures because I swear I popped right out this time. It was like I woke up one morning and BAM. Again second pregnancy is a whole new ball game! I'm happy to be showing. It makes the whole in-between stage when I catch people staring at my stomach and then looking at the ceiling when I look at them thing so much less awkward. You can actually tell I'm pregnant:)
15 weeks
20 weeksLuckily Camden already seems to like him. He is so sweet kissing and patting my belly. He always wants to "see the baby" by lifting up my shirt to see my stomach. Cute until we were at church and he is lifting up my dress and yelling "I WANNA SEE BABY!"


About two weeks ago we did a race called Run-A-Muck in Maryland. It's about 3.5 miles with a mud pits, a rock climbing wall, tires, mud pool, and other fun stuff along the way. It was such a blast!!! We had a great group of friends to torture ourselves with. Justin and I ran the whole thing side by side which meant that one mud pit turned into a mud fight (I recieved a mouth full of mud- no joke) but I'm pretty sure I still won.
Before the race started... all squeaky clean

Covered head to toe in nasty mud

This is the mud pool before the race started. If you want to see us swiming through this pit here's a link to the video of us crawling through the mud pool.