Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun to be One!

Camden is now a one year old!!!! Weird, so weird. I remember crystal clear bringing him home from the hospital and now this chunky little tank is tearing apart our house with a smile. His birthday was on Thursday and we made sure he had a fun day filled with playing a mud puddle, playing at the park, a yummy Georgetown birthday cupcake, oh and did I mention horrible mean painful shots?!! Camden's one year checkup was on his birthday, which means he had to get his shots. He still has a red welt to prove it poor guy. But let's back up. Before the shots. Camden's stats... Height: 32 inches Over 100%; Weight: 27.5 lbs 95%. After Camden performed his tricks for our pediatrician she asked if he has taken any steps. To which we replied no, not by himself. She stepped out to get Camden a birthday gift. I put Camden down and the little guy took off toddling to his dad. Our pediatrician must have heard us screaming because when she came through the door we told her to scratch that, he just took his first steps! I was so happy that Justin and I were both there to see it!
Camden's favorite body part to show us is his head. So his ever so kind father decided to ask him after his hands were completely covered in frosting to show us where his head was. I tried to protest but it was too late. He already had frosting stuffed in his ear and all over his hair.
Here are some pictures from his little party we had for him that weekend. This has been the best year of our lives. We love having this happy little guy that is constantly making us crack up with his little facial expressions and constant mimicking of everything we do. Happy birthday kiddo. We love you!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fast Forward

Crazy to think how life can change so drastically in just a couple years. I'm one of those people that is always making plans. One year, five year and ten year plans. Not to say that those plans stay the same year to year or even day to day but I just like to think about it. I don't know that two years ago I could have pressed fast forward in my mind and imagined I'd be where I am now. I feel so lucky and thankful to have these two boys in my life. I wish I could just hit pause.

Two years ago at the cherry blossom festival... Our friend who happens to be an AMAZING photographer Andrea Hatch took the first picture.

One year ago...
Last week...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Camden had a great 1st Easter! He learned how to go on an Easter egg hunt. Well kind of. He crawled over to two eggs and happily sat clinging them together while he watched the other kids go on a mad dash.
Easter morning he used the same technique only this time he watched his mom and dad go on a mad dash. Yes, we are still six-year-olds. Sometimes I wonder if we're mature enough to have a kid. Probably not, but we'll keep him!
Tried to sneak a few of my cupcakes. He did get a taste of frosting.
And then let us do a little photo session. This is the kid that NEVER sits still long enough to get a picture. I'm not sure if he thought he was posing for senior shots or maybe GQ.
Seriously check out the hand on the thigh even! This kid cracks me up.
He even gave me a little yoga shot. Downward dog. He does this little move all the time (and with better posture than I can do) but we can never catch it on camera. That is until now!

Oh and these are the other things we've been up to-
Cherry blossom festival
Playing at the park
This little face kills me
Check out those buck teeth!
Oh and don't forget pulling EVERYTHING off all shelves, out of cupboards, and unrolling all toilet paper. Ha! It's a little hard to get upset when he flashes this little grin!