Thursday, September 25, 2008

We LOVE visitors... especially when those visitors are my parents!

Over Labor Day weekend my parents came to visit us! It was so fun to be able to spend time with them and to have them see our new little place. We got to do lots of fun stuff. We went to Mount Vernon, kayaking in the Potomac, hiking around Roosevelt Island, a Nats game (which was the highlight for my dad because he got to have a hotdog). We were so sad to see them leave but were just so happy to have some time with them. Thanks for coming to visit mom and dad. Come again soon!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jackson Hole

We are late as always in posting! A few weeks ago we went out to Jackson Hole, WY for a business trip I had. It was a last minute trip, but we figured it needed to be a mini vacation as well, so we used some frequent flyer miles and Lindsey came along with me. We had a great time out there escaping the hot and humid DC weather. I got to play some golf on the company dime and we had a great time enjoying the sights around Jackson.

This is a view of downtown Jackson.
A trip to Jackson Hole would not be complete without a picture on the town square infront of the elk antlers.
Million Dollar Cowbay Bar. This place is great inside. We went and checked it out for a little bit. They have saddle bar stools! Lindsey was a little freaked out by all the stuffed animals in there. Defintley a place you have to stop by if you are ever in Jackson Hole.
The cyrstal clear water reminded us of the Potomac River! Not really, but we loved how clean and crsip everything was. This was at Jenny Lake in the Teton National Forest. We hiked around the lake and forest there. It was gorgeous.
Lindsey with the Tetons behind her.
View of Jenny Lake.

And a few other pictures of us on our hike.

There is a moose hanging out in the water on the left side of the picture protecting the baby calves on the right.

We had a dinner one night on the top of the Jackson Hole ski resort!

We had a great time in Jackson Hole and loved being out west in the dry crisp air. Hopefully we will be able to make it back soon!