Friday, August 28, 2009

Sun Valley Idaho

Justin has been telling me about this place since we were just friends before we ever got married. His family has gone to Sun Valley every summer. Now I know why Justin loves it so much. It is absolutely beautiful!!! We did so many fun things- country ho down(ye ha!), ice skating, shooting guns, swimming, long bike ride, naps, ice shows, and really fun little restaurants.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Country road... take me home

I'm a little late on blogging this trip since we don't have the internet yet. We moved into our new place just a few days before Camden and I took off for Colorado. Justin met us out there a day later and then had to head back to work a few days before we came back. It was so fun to be out there for TWO whole weeks instead of the usual quick few day trips. We had such a blast. My parents just moved to a new house that is only a few minutes from where I grew up most of my life. I am a total sentimental girl so I was so sad to not be coming home to the place I had so many memories. But the place they moved to has an incredible view and is set right on top of a canyon that is beautiful!
In the middle of the trip we headed up to the mountains to a town called Steamboat. I LOVE this mountain town. We would go there as a family in the summers. It has so many things that I enjoy doing ... mountain biking, hiking, river rafting, shopping, alpine slides. My two brothers from Texas, my sister from Arizona and my brother and parents in Colorado all met up for the week in Steamboat. Most families go on vacation to relax... Searle vacations usually consist of everything but relaxing and it's awesome. Here are some of the things we did.

As we're walking up to the put put place...
Justin: I hate put put. I'm not going to play
Ryan (my brother): Hey Justin, I'll play you for lunch
Justin: YEAH, you're on!!!
Mmmm, what is it with men and any form of competition?And this was my favorite activity of the whole trip!!! It was a ski jump that X-gamers and Olympians use during the summer to train. It goes into a lake. SO FUN! You get three hours to get as many jumps in as you can. Unfortunately for Justin he had fried his feet and legs floating the river so when he tried to get the ski boots on it literally tore his skin. Gross.