Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Two Year Anniversary!

...Almost a month ago. So I am a terrible blogger but the good news is that although I forgot to post this on our actual anniversary I didn't forget that it was our anniversary. Phew!
Eu te amo honey!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

LOVE visitors!!!!!!!!!!

My fam came into town for Camden's blessing and we had a blast!! I have four older brothers and an older sister. They all live in either Texas or Colorado so it is harder for us to get together. Two of my brothers, each with one of their daughters and my parents came. We had so much fun going to monuments, museums, fun restaurants, walks and baseball games. We REALLY appreciate everyone that made such a big effort to be here. Can't wait to get to Colorado to see the rest of the clan!

Camden was obviously a little worn out from the constant go go go routine! He is so easy to take everywhere... and I mean everywhere! We were going from one place to the next the entire week they were here. So fun!!!
My parents are incredible. They have never missed a baby blessing or baptism for any of their grandkids. Oh yeah, and Camden is number 27!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1st Father's Day/ Camden's Blessing

Father's Day was special not only because it was Justin's 1st as a Dad but he also was able to give Camden's baby blessing that day. Justin gave a beautiful blessing. It is such an amazing thing to watch your spouse take on a new role as a parent. I knew when I brought him home for the first time to meet my family and he was off playing with all the nieces and nephews while the adults talked at the dinner table or when we'd be at church and Justin would be crawling around in his suit on the ground with the toddlers, that he would one day make a great father. And yet, I was still unprepared for the emotions that I would feel watching him with our own baby. He is such a hands on dad. He doesn't even mind getting up with him in the night or changing his diapers (even the really bad ones). He is so sweet and patient with him. When the thought of the awesome responsibility of raising this little boy overwhelms me I'm instantly confident knowing that I'm doing it with Justin.So many family and friends came from all over to be there for the blessing. We literally took up four rows at church! Thanks so much to everyone for being there. It was so nice that so many made such an effort to be there and we know it really wasn't easy or convenient for many of you.
Oh and by the way, Camden made sure to scream the whole way through the blessing! He was totally happy right before and the second Justin sat back down. This kid has given us a run for our money from day one, when he would never cooperate for ultrasounds and then scared us to death in the hospital when he was born. Can't wait to see him as a teenager!