Thursday, May 28, 2009

My sister "The INCREDIBLE"!

This post is about how ridiculously talented my sister is and how much I love her. Arianne has always been the one that was great with babies, knew how to cook from the time she could see over the counter, and can sew and quilt better than Martha herself! In a nutshell, she is the polar opposite of me!! Since the day I found out I was pregnant I was the annoying little sister that would call her about every day with questions and sometimes just to complain. Since having Camden the amount of questions have just doubled. She is like my mom encyclopedia.
Lucky for me Arianne offered to make all of Camden's baby bedding! I looked at a million baby bedding websites and went into tons of stores to get ideas. I told her what I wanted and she spent tons of time looking for just the right fabric. Since she lives in Arizona we did a lot of picture texting back and forth. I knew that she was good but when I saw all the bedding she had made especially for Camden I could not believe how adorable it looked. It was so much cutter than any of the bedding I had seen on all the baby websites or in any of the stores. But the thing that really made it special was how much time she had spent making it especially for him.
This crib was actually mine when I was a baby. Justin and I re-stained it to make it brown.
Camden obviously loves it!Back in December my sister bought a plane ticket around Camden's due date to make sure she would be here. Unfortunately at the time she bought her ticket we didn't realize that Mother's Day happened to fall on the Sunday that she would be in DC. Even more important, we didn't realize that her son's first birthday was also during her planned trip here! After trying to change the ticket to no avail Arianne, came out to help anyway missing both Mother's Day and her kiddo's birthday!!! It was a huge sacrifice that she never once complained about.
She was like Supernanny coming in and helping Justin and me. It was so nice to have her there since we are rookies at this. Since Camden came three weeks early, we were able to take him out and do lots of stuff while she was here. We had so much fun just laughing and talking. I wish so bad that we lived closer.
First time holding her new little nephew.
THANK YOU SO MUCH ARIANNE! I love you more than you know and I am so thankful for everything you do for me.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Camden is four weeks old and I can't believe how fast it has gone!! We were so lucky that Justin got a whole month paternity leave from work and THANK HEAVEN because I do not know what I would have done without all his help. It's so fun to see Justin as a father. He is incredible with Camden. He is so patient and totally hands on with him. We have had so much fun going on little outings.
The last day before Justin went back to work we went to Annapolis for the day. As we were parking the car we heard fighter jets flying, what sounded like RIGHT over our heads. We didn't even realize that Friday was the Naval Academy's graduation and so today the Blue Angels were doing an air show right over the city and harbor as a present to the graduates. It was so incredible to watch and so loud! After we watched the show we ate lunch on a dock overlooking the water and ate ice cream cones as we walked around the town and the Naval Academy.
Mother's day... best day ever blog to come

Yes, we took Camden golfing at three weeks. Get them started young!
We went for lots of walks. The picture below we took a blanket and walked along the Potomac and then spent the afternoon under a tree.
World War II Memorial
Bucca Di Beppo (my FAVORITE restaraunt) with our friends.
Georgetown at two weeks. It was so funny how every person we walked past would stop and stare and then say "Oh tiny baby!" It was like we were celebrities.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Camden's First Photo Shoot

I am so lucky to have a best friend who also happens to be an INCREDIBLE photographer. Alia Cardwell did Camden's first photo shoot when he was two weeks old and got some great moments. Here are some of our favorites. Thanks Alia for these great pics!!!

I'm so glad Alia got one with a little smile!! So dang cute
I love this one. If he is ever fussing he instantly calms down the second Justin holds him to his chest like this. Loves his dad!
His little tongue is constantly hanging out