Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter '08

We have been having a blast keeping really busy working and playing. It's so great being married to someone that loves to be on the go as much as I do. But sometimes it would probably be good if one of us just didn't want to go do everything so that it would balance us out:) I am now sick with the flu from being so run down. Last week was a blast though. We got to go to the auto show, a Wizards game, and up to Deep Creek for some good old East Coast skiing. Justin tried to prepare me that skiing was just a little different from the West. But I still didn't realize that it would only take us 20 seconds to get down every run! For those of you out in the west ENJOY the snow and terrain. But it was really fun just to get out and go again, and especially with Justin getting surgery on his heels we just wanted to go since it would probably be the last time we could go this season.
This is the beautiful cabin we stayed at while we were up skiing. We had a great time with the Gerards and love their family.

This is us at the Wizards game with Cameron and Princess Gamble, some good friends of ours out here. They are a great couple.

Friday, January 4, 2008

6 Months of Marriage

We have been fortunate enough to attend a lot of sporting events since we have moved to DC. These are pictures from some of the games.

This was a Haunted Forest. It took us 30 minutes to get through and it was so scary.
This was taken on the island of St. Lucia on our Honeymoon

Since we are just getting our blog site up, we thought we would put up some pictures up from the last 6 months since we got married.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas 2007

We went to dinner with the Neumann Family on New Years Eve and had a great time at this real nice French Restaurant called Chez Francois. Afterwards we went up to Baltimore for their New Years celebration.
Everyone was getting family shots with all their kids so Justin and I rounded up our chilens...

The original Searle clan... whole lot smaller!

We just got back from spending Christmas in Colorado. It was the first White Christmas for Justin and we had a great time with all of Lindsey's family. Everyone was in town, so there were 24 nieces and nephews to play with! Thanks Searle Fam for a great time.

Just Starting

So Lindsey and I are new to this so bare with us. We figured we would jump on the bandwagon after seeing so many blog's of our friends.