Thursday, January 7, 2010

Part Two - Colorado!!

Oh how I miss Colorado!!!! We stayed at my parent's house most of the week but took a few days to play in the mountains at Steamboat. One of the highlights of this trip was skiing/snowboarding. That's right we're a mixed family. Justin skis and I opt for the more challenging sport of snowboarding. We had great powder and incredible scenery. New Year's Eve we watched a firework show on the slopes, went hot tubing and played games. It was a really fun night until about 11:32 when everyone pooped out and went to bed. LAME! Justin, me and my dad held strong till midnight.What would a Searle vacation be without a little chocolate chip cookie cook off. Justin has had this contest with two of our nieces now. His cookies are amazing! Hence why I have him make them at home at least once a week.
Even with being number 28 on the grandkid count our nieces and nephews couldn't get enough of Camden. They thought he was hilarious because all they had to do was look at him and he would smile. That made the kids crack up which only made Camden smile bigger and get more excited. Funny chain reaction to watch.
Justin and Camden have been practicing their stunts to someday join the Ringling Brothers.

Holiday Re-cap

This year we stayed in DC for Christmas and then headed to Colorado for New Years. We had so much fun spending time with the Neumanns, having our own little Christmas and then spending time with the Searle crew. There are way too many fun things to cut out so sorry for the long posts!
Christmas was so much fun with a little one. Although I'm sure Camden loved the paper as much, if not more, than the present itself! He was so cute tearing at the paper, then trying to eat the paper, mad for .2 seconds when we would take it away and then beside himself again with all the colorful paper.
Camden and Justin both got new basketballs for Christmas. Justin is hoping he will dribble before he can walk. No pressure kid!
DC Temple Christmas Lights
Every year we like to go to Old Town to walk around the fun Christmas shops and take in all the pretty Christmas decorations. We had the whole Neumann family together this year for Christmas! It was so great having everyone together. We have loved having Sean and Cambria and Justin's parents live near by. Now we just need to get Justin's little sister Whit to finish school and come back.
Again with the eating paper!Camden got completely spoiled by everyone!!!!!!!!!
We saw a Christmas concert at the Kennedy Center. Camden sang right along... just not in tune.