Monday, February 18, 2008

We love it when we have visiters. Our really good friend Lindsey James came out for a short weekend visit. She is such a great friend to us. We loved having her in town to play for Super Bowl weekend. Thanks for coming all the way from Texas Linds!


It has been so freezing out here that Justin has been going through golfing withdrawls. So you better believe that on the first Saturday that it warmed up (although not by much) we were out on the course. I am just learning how to golf so needless to say we end up driving all over retrieving my ball... through trees, on the wrong hole, or just lossing ball after ball if there is any water within 100 feet. Luckily Justin is so patient with me! I shank it off in the trees and he automatically comes back with, "Wow honey, that was great form". Haha Watch out Tiger! Aparantly Justin is an animal hater and thought it was funny to loft balls at the geese. Something about how they crap on the course. You tell them Justin!