Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Month EVER

October is hands down the best month ever! Especially this October for all of the following reasons...
1. MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
My husband, family and great friends...
made this birthday so fun. Thanks so much girls, you really surprised me. I don't think I had worn a birthday crown since I was five but it's true... it does make birthdays WAY more fun. Get excited Maeve, the little beauty will be passed to you in a few weeks.

2. This specific October my brother who I've always been really close with and his wife came to visit us. My family is so big (27 crazy nieces and nephews) that when we're all together it's hard to really get much one on one talking in so it was so nice to spend quality time with them!
It was beautiful fall weather and we took advantage of it by plenty of hiking, playing tennis and walking around outside. Thanks so much for coming out guys!!!

3. Reason number three is having an excuse to dress this cute little guy up as... da da dah
And then getting a group of this many little tikes together to sit still for a few pictures. Someone should have taken a picture of the things the moms were doing to hold their attention. But hey IT WORKED!!!!!
AND 3 . 2 . 1 ..... well kind of

4. And October is the BEST MONTH EVER because of all the fun fall activities there are to do.

AND October isn't even over yet... best is yet to come!