Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed in... says who?!

So I realize I'm WAY late on this post but the it needs to be documented. Our laptop broke and we just got a new one so here goes a catch up blog. Warning: LOTS of pictures. "The blizzard of 2010" as the news stations called it was crazy. My parents were coming to visit for a few days (or so they thought) but shortly after they arrived the snow started falling, airports shut down and we trapped them in DC for about a week and had a blast.
Despite the state of emergency and warning to hunker down for the next few days and stay off the roads we were the crazies that did just the opposite. When we weren't driving in it we were playing in it. People found this odd. As our nieghbor asked when she saw Justin and I tackling each other in the snow "Are you out of your ever loving mind?! That stuff is cold". We didn't mind...

(Yes that would be a plastic bag around his legs. He grew out of his snowpants)
I don't know how this started but from the time Camden could hold his head up he would always lean his forehead against my dad's. It's so hillarious. My dad will be talking to him and Camden just plasters his face to my dad's. No personal space here.
My mom is the happiest person I know. I love being around her because she is always laughing. Camden does this fake laugh that almost sounds like a cough. My mom thought it was funny to do back to him so after a day or so of her being here he would do this laugh every time she walked in the room. It's funny how babies remember and associate things with particular people.Happy Birthday Dad! I'm glad we got to celebrate it early with you here!!!!It was a little errie seeing DC totally empty. We got some pretty cool pictures.