Friday, December 19, 2008


So we found out earlier this week that we are going to have a baby boy. He is due May 10th!!! We cant wait to welcome this addition to our family! Sports gear is already being bought for him.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So even though we won't be in DC for Christmas that didn't stop us from getting a tree and decorating for the Christmas season. We will be spending Christmas in Austin, Texas with Lindsey's two brothers and then heading to Colorado to spend New Years with the rest of the Searle family. It will be great to be able to see everyone over the Holidays! So here is a rundown of what we have been doing to get in the Holiday spirit.

We went to Home Depot to pick out our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving so we could get it up real early!

Putting up the Christmas lights outside our place.Our tree all decorated. Lindsey did a "Buddy the Elf" jump off our couch to get the star on top of the tree!

Since we are waiting for our fireplace to be built (we wish!) we hung our stockings on the railing.We went ice skating over Thanksgiving. Cambria, Lindsey and Whitney.

Lindsey and I at the ice rink. Lindsey is still learning how to ice skate, so she watched from the side!

The Neumann fam.

With my sister and cousin Chase.

As you can tell, we got an early start to Christmas this year. Since Lindsey is an organizational Nazi, we even have all of our shopping done! I am actually glad we are done with it, even if I was forced in to doing it!