Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa... I KNOW HIM!

Camden stared at Santa for a while checking him out
Then had to think about his reaction for a minuteLuckily he decided he likes him!
Side note: Santa told me he liked my coat. I'm in good with the big man this year.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Play by the rules

In the Neumann house there are two rules that we stick to when it comes to our Christmas tree..
1. It HAS to be real. No fake trees here.
2. It must be disproportionally large for the room that we put it in. We don't ever get the tree that would fit just right. We get the tree that is way to big for our house and takes up half the room.
Consequently in the process of stuffing the tree in our house, half the pine needles ended up on the floor. When we tried to vacuum up those pine needles our vacuum got clogged and broke. Two hours later and with our vacuum in pieces Justin had successfully gotten the needles out.
The next night (since it was now almost midnight) we got to decorate the tree!!! Camden put his own ornament on.
And was pretty proud of himself

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I love you City Mini

There comes a time when you have to upgrade strollers. Our time came when I literally had to lift up the back of Camden's Snap N Go Stroller and side step any time I wanted to turn because he was so heavy for it!! Doesn't make for the most convenient outings. So last Friday we got this little beauty... And then used it that night when we went ice skating and walking around looking at Christmas lights. Da dah!!!
Justin could push the stoller with one hand and still hold my hand with the other. It's a whole new world. Best feature is that it folds up totally flat by pulling one strap in the middle. So while Camden was happy in there we were happy doing this.
And this...
Side note: We did not leave our kid unattended in his stroller while we ice skated. He was with family. Come on people, it's a stroller not a babysitter.
We love you City Mini