Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big C

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how fast Camden is growing up. Every day he says or does something that cracks me up and I think, 'man I need to write this down'. Of course I haven't so this post I am writing down some of the funny things he says. A post of videos will follow shortly.

He is obsessed with sports. He loves baseball and calls the positions the pitcher, batter and glover (aka catcher). It doesn't matter how many times we tell him it's called a catcher, he still says glover.

If asked how old he is, he will tell you "two months in the morning". We tried and tried to figure out where he heard this but never could figure it out. I usually just laugh and tell the person, "we have no idea where that came from, he just started saying it". While I was in the hospital on bed rest with Crew my mom and Camden were going up the elevator when someone asked him how old he was. His response: "two months in the morning and I have no idea where it comes from".

About the time we were potty training Camden the song Party Rock by LMFAO came out. If you don't know this song it says "party rockin in the house tonight, everybody gonna have a good time". Once after Camden went potty he came bolting out of the bathroom singing "POTTY rockin in the house tonight!" doing a little dance where he shuffles back and forth putting his hands up and down. He also yells, "everyday I'm shuffling"- another part in the song or "put your hands up". After he did it once and we laughed so hard I about peed my pants he does it now all the time. This kid LOVES attention and putting on a show so when he would go to the bathroom while we were at the hospital he would run out into the hall in the middle of the nurses station without any pants or underwear to sing and dance. They loved it too!

Camden has an quite the vocabulary. Common words and phrases he uses: "that is incredible" "well actually mom". Instead of saying sure or yes when you ask if he wants to do something he says "that would be great". If you ask him to do something he says "of course". Out of the blue tells Justin "we're buddies Daddy". His response is never yes or no but "yes I will" or "no I won't". When Crew cries he usually asks us if Crew is "looking for his big brother" and says to Crew "here's the big brother Crew, don't cry". After Camden says bye to Justin in the morning as he is leaving for work Camden will run after him and stand at the door yelling "Dad I forgot to tell you something". This is always followed by "don't drive fast like lightning McQueen, drive safe". Today he told Justin "Daddy, I want to go to work with you. I want work shoes and a work shirt".

I love this kid! Never a dull moment with him around.


The Wilkins Family said...

Oh my goodness, I died laughing when I read this post. What a cutie!! Don't you just love two year olds?!? Hopefully I get to meet this kiddo sometime... Say and he would be hilarious together :)

Katherine Fajen said...

That is so funny, I love the "Potty Rocking" song. Brit came and played bunco with me and some friends last night and she was showing me a video of Camden saying "2 months in the morning" was hilarious! Who knows where these kids pick up this stuff!?

Bethany said...

Camden is going to be a stand-up comedian someday. He's so funny!